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Few things in life are more intimidating than facing a tax audit (technically called an examination). Going into an audit alone is like entering a boxing match with both hands tied behind your back. You don't want to just "wing it" on your own and hope for the best with your fingers crossed. Something said innocently or in jest can be used against you even after the audit process is complete!

Our Tampa IRS tax relief lawyer Brian Loughrin will be with you every step of the way before, during and even after the audit. We know what to do for you when you are facing an audit. Our goal is always to obtain a "No Change" Letter (if appropriate) or to make certain that if there is additional tax to be assessed, it is the lowest amount under the law.

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Types of IRS Audits

Answer all the IRS's inquiries truthfully. However, only answer the questions you are asked and do not divulge any more information than is needed. You could inadvertently open doors to other areas subject to audit by talking about information that was otherwise not relevant to your audit.

The IRS has two major forms of audits:

  1. Correspondence Audit. These audits are conducted through the mail. The IRS will simply ask you to sign your return if you forgot to do so, or send in W-2's or any other forms of documentation you may not have included in your return.
  2. Home / Office Audit. These occur when the IRS requests an in-person audit. An in-person Audit may be a sign that the IRS has serious concerns regarding the correctness of your tax return. If you are asked to bring certain documents to an in-person audit, bring only those requested documents!

Both types are serious and failing to supply the IRS with the correct information during a mail Audit could result in an in-person Audit. All IRS Audits should be taken seriously because they can often lead to other tax years and other tax deductions not originally stated in the Audit letter.

How to Survive an IRS Tax Audit

Are you being audited?

A key element to know about IRS tax audits is that they are, most definitely, survivable. Many people fear them as they represent a great unknown or the taxpayer feels they have done something wrong when, in fact, they have not. IRS audits are one place where an aggressive IRS tax relief lawyer works hard to be of great service to you and your family.

If you have been notified of an audit or one is ongoing, your first action should be to call Attorney Brian Loughrin, who is fully prepared to perform all the work on your audit, from start to finish. Although an accountant or enrolled agent is able to represent you in an audit, they do not have the attorney-client privilege afforded to an attorney. This can make your tax information vulnerable if they are summoned by the IRS.

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At times, an IRS examination will not require a personal appearance and can be resolved through the mail. If you are asked to appear and bring specified records, you can have your attorney appear for you. In this case, we are empowered to fully act on your behalf all the way through to signing the final agreement. With nearly 20+ years of experience in these matters, we know the rules of the audits game and how to win.

To a great degree, successfully resolving an audit depends on keeping good tax records. Our office can review all applicable returns and the supporting documentation in preparation for meeting with the IRS. Even if your record-keeping is not ideal, we can work with you to reconstruct what occurred in a given year and put it into a form that is acceptable to the IRS.

In any meetings with the IRS, we follow a strict policy of not volunteering any information that they have not requested. Additionally, our office will not provide any documentation that is not specifically required. We want you to be represented by someone who thoroughly understands the tax codes and knows how to answer, or not, questions from the IRS. Our office is here to represent you and your interests.

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Understandably, many people do not like facing an audit alone, even if they have done nothing wrong and all of their deductions are above reproach. Our office will be able to assist you by responding to a through-the-mail audit to ensure that accurate documentation is sent in. In the event of an in-person audit, we can help you compile accurate information. In some instances, we can even represent you at the audit without you even having to be present!

It makes sense to have a tax attorney represent you during an audit. The tax auditor will appreciate working with a tax attorney who knows the tax code. This will save the tax auditor time, effort and aggravation because they will not have to explain the tax code to an individual who isn't an expert in the area of tax law.

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