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What Should I Do If I Am Being Audited By The IRS?

Being Audited by the IRS

When most people learn they are being audited by the IRS, they immediately become worried and wonder what they may have done wrong.

  • The first thing you should know is that an IRS tax audit does not necessarily mean you have done anything wrong.
  • The second thing to know is that IRS tax audits are survivable, providing you know what to do and you have the resources at your disposal to meet the IRS demands.

If you have received a notification from the IRS letting you know you are being audited, we strongly advise you contact our firm and speak with Tampa tax relief attorney Brian Loughrin as soon as possible.

Our firm has more than 13 years experience representing clients in all types of IRS tax audits. We have an in-depth understanding on how audits unfold, what documentation will be required and we can provide you with the representation you need from the beginning, all the way through the end, of your tax audit.

Is It Worth Hiring a Tax Lawyer?

Some people may tell you it is better to have your accountant represent you during a tax audit, however a tax relief attorney from our firm not only knows how audits work, but we are also covered under attorney-client privilege, thus offering a greater level of protection.

When you contact our firm, we will be able to review your tax records and returns, help you prepare or reconstruct vital documentation, and provide you the representation you need throughout the entirety of your audit.

If you are being audited by the IRS, contact a Tampa IRS tax relief lawyer at our firm right away and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.