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Tax Penaltys for Business Owners in Tampa

Payroll (941) Taxes

Payroll (941) Taxes are the most aggressively collected and penalized of all taxes. Without proper representation, Payroll (941) Tax problems can put you out of business. Tampa IRS tax audit lawyers from our office can help you solve this problem. Sometimes circumstances beyond your control force you to make tough decisions. Sometimes it's a decision between paying your operating expenses or paying your Payroll (941) Taxes. It's a spot no business owner ever chooses to put themselves in, but it happens. For help with payroll tax problems, Tampa IRS tax relief attorney Brian Loughrin is ready to help.

Federal Employment and Payroll (941) Tax delinquencies can result in the assessment of massive penalties & interest along with the seizure of your business and personal assets. Federal Payroll (941) Tax laws give the IRS greater authority to collect what is owed. This authority includes the ability to collect these taxes from the owners and corporate officers. Even if the business is voluntarily or involuntarily closed, the owners/corporate officers are personally liable for these type of taxes - and Payroll (941) Taxes cannot be discharged in bankruptcy!

Payroll Taxes: THE 100% TAX

Delinquent Payroll (941) Tax problems are full of obscene interest and penalty charges, such as:

  • Penalty for filing a late return or corporate report.
  • Penalty for making a late deposit or failing to make one.
  • Interest on the delinquent taxes and interest on the penalties!
  • Assessment of penalties that no one can seem to adequately explain to you.

Adding the above amounts together, it's easy to see why Payroll (941) Taxes are often called the 100% Tax. Penalties and interest added together can quickly equal 100% of the actual tax!

The IRS has a plan for you. You need your own plan. One that is workable and reasonable under your circumstances. If you currently owe Payroll (941) Taxes or Employee Withholding Tax then you need to resolve this tax debt quickly. The IRS takes Payroll (941) Taxes very seriously. To say that the IRS is aggressive when it comes to collecting these kinds of taxes is like saying a hurricane is a bad rainstorm. Don't waste time in contacting Attorney Brian Loughrin for help with this situation.

To get the help you need in controlling payroll tax liabilities and the IRS, contact a Tampa IRS tax relief attorney today.

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