Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion: Your Attorney

Tax fraud and tax evasion are criminal offenses. Filing a false or fraudulent tax return, intentionally leaving information pertaining to taxable income off your tax return, failing to file a return at all, and neglecting to pay taxes you rightfully owe are all examples of tax crimes. When an individual is believed to have committed a serious tax crime, he or she can expect the IRS to have their Criminal Investigation Division investigate the matter and if warranted, file criminal charges. Some of the most publicized tax crimes involve large companies, celebrities and people who have sizable assets and estates. Those are not the only people who can be charged with tax crimes, however. Any taxpayer can be charged with a tax crime under the right circumstances.

If you think you might have made a serious error in your tax filing, or you believe the IRS may accuse you of having committed a tax crime you need to take immediate measures to defend your rights and protect your interests by contacting Brian T. Loughrin Tax Attorney. Facing charges for a tax crime can be an extremely frightening experience. There are reasons for concern; these charges can potentially impact your life, your family, your career and your future. When you contact our firm Attorney Loughrin will take on your case personally. He will take the time to review your current tax situation, analyze the legal options available to you, evaluate how best to proceed, work with you closely to build an aggressive strategy for your defense and protect your rights and interests throughout the process.

Contact a Tampa IRS tax relief lawyer at our firm so we can review your case and plan a strategy to protect you.