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Types of Tax Crimes

Tampa IRS Tax Relief Attorney

If you feel you may have committed a tax crime, think the IRS may accuse you of one or have been charged, it is vital that you quickly contact an aggressive Tampa IRS tax relief lawyer. When you come to see Attorney Brian Loughrin from our office, your case will be taken up only by him and never by a paralegal. This allows for a complete understanding and follow through on your case, which is essential when facing criminal charges.

Tax fraud and tax evasion cover a wide variety of criminal offenses. Willfully failing to file a tax return, supply requested information or pay taxes that are owed are all crimes. If a person makes false or fraudulent statements in a return or other tax document, they can be charged. When an individual tries, in any way, to defeat any tax legally imposed on them the result can be criminal investigation and charges. It is also a crime if a person is required to collect, pay over or in any way account for taxes and they intentionally fail to do so.

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Penalties for Tax Crimes

Tax crimes are filed against corporations or business, as well as individuals. The most salient point in a criminal investigation of a tax crime will be the amount and admissibility of the evidence against you, not the dollar amount involved. While the news may feature cases involving large amounts of money, any taxpayer can be charged with a tax crime. It is only in sentencing that the amount of tax fraud or evasion is important.

If the IRS suspects you have committed a crime, they turn to their Criminal Investigation Division to take up the investigation. They use all resources possible to gather evidence against you and can be relentless in pursuing your case. Tax offenses will be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony and the penalties include large fines and terms of imprisonment of a year or more.

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We are committed to analyzing and investigating the case against you to protect your rights and find and utilize any errors in the prosecution's case. Our office works on the premise that we fight to produce the best outcome possible in your case, no matter what the charges.

Contact a Tampa IRS tax relief attorney when you or a loved one face charges for any tax crime.

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