Former Client Testimonials

After almost a year of getting the runaround from one of those 1-800 tax services we hired off TV, we finally decide to find a local tax attorney. Instead of trying to explain our situation over the telephone to a different stranger each time we called, we were glad to actually meet a real person face to face. Knowing that you and your office were doing the tax work, being able to put a face to a voice, gave us a feeling of security. Thanks for everything.

D.K. and L.K.

My wife and I can't thank you enough for all you did for us. We were nervous wrecks when we finally decided to call you. A friend gave us your name. From the first meeting we knew you knew what to do to help get us out of our tax mess. We don't know which was better, you're saving us over $72,000.00 or giving us our peace of mind back. Either way, we'll take both!

T.R and B.R.

Thank you and your staff for rescuing me from near financial disaster. After years of arguing with the IRS I finally found someone who listened to me and help put an end to the whole ordeal. Knowing that you were here only made me more comfortable with my decision to hire you. Getting rid of $43,000.00 in past taxes was a tremendous relief!

A.U. Warr

Imagine the shock when I tried to get my first home mortgage only to find out the IRS had filed a lien against me, preventing me from getting financed. One call to your office and shortly later, you got the lien released and I was on my way to my first home. My family and I could not be more pleased with your prompt service.

P.A. and family

Past due payroll taxes from an old business threatened everything I had. After a lot of nervous days and sleepless nights I knew I needed legal help. I also knew I wanted an experienced tax attorney near my home. The idea of calling some toll free number that rang to "who knows where" didn't seem like a good idea. Mr. Loughrin himself made sure I knew what to expect and what way we were going to go to solve my problem. Knocking off almost $14,000.00 off the tax bill really was a relief! Thank you for your help.

V.F. Yukon