Legal Support for IRS Tax Audits in Tampa

Are you being audited?

If you are facing an IRS tax audit, you need an experienced and skilled Tampa IRS tax relief attorney. Attorney Brian Loughrin has over 15 years of experience with all manner of tax situations and will work one-on-one with you to resolve them. The key to successfully resolving a tax issue is to thoroughly review the specific circumstances you find yourself facing and then working out an action plan to help handle it. Just because you may have been notified of an IRS tax audit does not mean you owe any additional taxes. It is our goal to help you determine what is needed from the IRS and provide them with the documentation that will help you avoid additional taxes, penalties or interest.

Our firm can assist you with issues related to an IRS offer in compromise, liens & levies, payroll (941) taxes, penalties & interest, the innocent spouse rule, wage garnishment, and installment agreements. When facing an IRS audit, our firm will provide effective tax fraud defense, and help resolve any past due returns, red flag tax audits and represent you in tax court if needed.

Tax Audit Attorney in Tampa

A tax audit can be a frightening proposition, but with the help of our firm, you can trust that we will do everything in our power to obtain the best possible results for you based on your individual circumstances. With our understanding of tax laws, we can make what may seem a complex situation appear much simpler. Don't let the IRS intimidate you and definitely don't ignore communications from them. It is important to respond to letters in order to begin to take the right steps to avoid more drastic measures.

Contact a Tampa tax audit lawyer today to get started on resolving your tax situation.